Inserting a zipper in a sweater hoodie

I love hoodie sweaters they are warm and comfortable during the Spring/Fall seasons and are much more versatile with from openings .

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to insert a zipper in a sweater hoodie.

You will need to purchase an open-end heavy duty zipper the length of the front of the sweater, interfacing and matching thread.

Hoodie without zipper

Sweater Hoodie with open front zipper

Lay sweater on a flat surface or cutting board and with a ripper or small scissors take apart the front of the hood.

Continue to take apart the front of the hood leaving enough space to cut open the front of the sweater.

Fold the sweater in half – matching the side and shoulder seams to determine the center of the sweater.

Press with a warm iron to make a center seam

Cut open the seam from the hem of the sweater to the neckline

Press on interfacing with warm iron on wrong  side of the opening.

When working with knits always use interfacing on openings  to prevent stretching when sewing

Pin the zipper and base to secure before stitching on the machine

For this sweater the zipper is placed visible on the outside instead of a hidden lap-over

Sew zipper on sweater – Stitch hood back in place.