Converting a tablecloth into a summer outfit

Do you have a tablecloth laying around that you never use. 



Let your creative juices flow and turn it into a beautiful summer outfit.




 (This project may be for the advance sewist)



  • This project is ideal for asymmetrical four panel skirt design.  


  • You can cut the skirt at the four corners of the tablecloth to capture the embroidery edges and eliminate hemming.





  •  Place pattern on corners of tablecloth and cut four panels on fold, one on each corner.



  • The panels should look like the above diagram with embroidery forming a triangle at the edge. 


  • Serge or zig-zag the four  panels, then  pin together before stitching.



  • Make small pleats or gather to your waist size – ( I find small pleats more suitable for cotton or eliminate pleats by cutting fabric to exact waist size). 


  • For interest you can make one box pleat in the middle of each panel (this will depend on the pattern of the table cloth – You can let your creative juices flow on this project.


  • Leave an 8″ opening for the zipper at the back or side of the skirt.



Add waistband to complete skirt
  • For the shirt you can use the remnant of fabric. 


  • You will have to play around with placing the pattern and manipulate the fabric to create an interesting design.



For the shirt back I used the center of the tablecloth.
  • For the front I used the end of the tablecloth and manipulated the fabric to get the patterns positioned facing each other. 
  • The remaining embroidery made the collar and cuff of the shirt
  • Serge or zig-zag shoulders and side of shirt before joining together


  • Add collar and cuffs with left over embroidery pieces.


  • Finish shirt with small hem.
There! A fabulous Summer Outfit!

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