How to make a crib skirt

How to make a crib skirt with inverted pleats and piping

The crib skirt has four separated pieces with inverted pleats.

For the crib sheet you will need:

White cotton cut 51″+1″= 52″ seam x 28″+1″ seam = 29″
This is sheet that will anchor the skirt.

For the skirt you will choose a fabric of your choice, I chose grey to coordinate with the theme of the room.

The skirt width is  63 1/2″ + 1″ seam = 64 1/2″ x 40 1/2″ + 1″ = 41 1/2″ 

Cut  two pieces  63 1/2″ + 1″ seam = 64 1/2″ for the sides

Cut two pieces 40 1/2″ + 1″ = 41 1/2″ for the two ends

(These measurements include the extra for the pleats)

(Finished skirt  measurements should be: 51″ x 28″)

Length of crib skirt: 15 1/2″ Add an extra two inches on each panel

ie: the length you will cut 15 1/2″ + 2″ = 17 1/2″

You will stich the piping at the end of the 17 1/2″ and turn over the 2″ so the finished skirt length will be 15 1/2″

Bias Binding for piping 2″

You can purchase bias binding at the fabric store, or you can make your own





Buy 2″ bias binding for the trim at the bottom of the skirt



sew piping on the edge at the hem, then fold over 2″ and top stitch.

Do this on all four panels the skirt



To make inverted  pleat fold fabric in half to determine center of pleat. fold over approx 3″ on each side and pin

The back of pleat should look like a box pleat


Make pleats on all four panel. 

Press in place

The finished pleat should look like the above diagram




Now you are ready to attach the four panels to the white sheet.

You will have four separate pieces for the skirt.

Two pieces 51″ long

Two pieces 28″ wide. (after the pleats are made)

The length should be 15 1/2″.

Attach the pieces to the crib sheet 51″ x 28″.  See diagram.  Tack each of the four corners together.  and press.



The finished skirt should be about 1″ from the floor


Completed Crib Skirt


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