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By: Shirley de Gannes


For most of us there is something magical about being able to sew and design clothes.  The truth is the creation of beautiful flattering clothes is within the capacity of everyone.

So join us as we enter the ethereal world of sewing and design where you will gain confidence that you can turn your fashion ideas into elegant custom fitted realities and that the creation of exquisite, flattering clothes is within the capacity of everyone.

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You will learn how to  take accurate measurements for a perfect fit


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Draft patterns to create your own unique designs or translate the exciting  designer trends seen on the runway into your closet.


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You will be inspired how to remodel or resize your wardrobe to the latest trends  that will save you a fortune on alterations and create an elegant collection of a fashionista.

For the love of craft enthusiast – here you can get ideas how to transform your fabulous ideas into reality with items you have around the house or purchased from the craft store. 
We  will take you into the world of textiles to understand the characteristics and performance of fabric, how fabric adapt to style and how to care for your clothes to get optimum wear.
Please journey through our pages and have fun creating something spectacular through the magic of the sewing machine.





Photo by Shirley de Gannes

Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels

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